Number Name
0001Schaeffer Hall/Downtown Interchange
0100Softball Complex
0101Softball Complex on 1st Ave
0120Macbride Hall
0130Clinton & Iowa
0145English Philosophy Building
0146Hubbard Park
0151Seamans Center
0197Burlington & Madison
0198Burlington & Clinton
0199Clinton & Market East
0002Downtown Interchange
0200Clinton & Market West
0201IMU Madison & Jefferson
0241Carver Hawkeye Arena
0245Newton & Lincoln
0246Dental College
0250VA Loop
0253VA Hospital
0254Newton Rd @ VA Hospital
0257Newton Rd Ramp
0263UI Student Health
0286NB Dubuque & Davenport
0287NB Dubuque & Church
0297SB Dubuque & Church
0298SB Dubuque & Davenport
0339Hall of Fame North
034012th Avenue & North Ridge Dr
034112th Avenue & North Ridge Dr
034212th Avenue & South Ridge
0343Recreation Fields South
0344Hawkeye Park Road at Aspire
034512th Avenue & Liberty Ln East
034612th Ave & Liberty Ln
0350Holiday Rd & Oak Lake Park Rd
0351Holiday Rd & Oak Lake Park Rd
0353Macbride Hall
0354Holiday Rd & Westview
0355Holiday Rd & Eastview
0360Holiday Rd & High Country Rd
0361Holiday Rd & Old Hickory Road
0365Holiday Rd & 1st Ave
0366Holiday Rd & 1st Ave
0372Burlington & Madison
0373Burlington & Clinton
0374Clinton & Market East
0385Clear Creek
04165th St & 19th Ave
041719th Ave & 9th St
041818th Ave & 8th St
04198th St & 14th Ave
042014th Ave & 7th St
04217th St & 5th St
04227th St & 14th Ave
042314th Ave & 8th St
04248th St & 18th Ave
042518th Ave & 19th Ave
042619th Ave & 5th St
04275th St & 19th Ave
042819th Ave & 9th St
042918th Ave & 8th St
0430WCTC 1,3,5,7
043114th Ave & 7th St
04327th St & 5th St
04335th St & 19th Ave
0434Arena West
0435Arena East
04368th St & 14th Ave
043714th Ave & 7th St
04387th St & 5th St
04395th St & 19th Ave
044019th Ave & 9th St
044118th Ave & 8th St
04428th St & 14th Ave
044314th Ave & 7th St
04447th St & 5th St
04455th St & 19th Ave
044619th Ave & 9th St
044718th Ave & 8th St
04488th St & 14th Ave
044914th Ave & 7th St
04507th St & 5th St
0520SB Dubuque & Church
0521NB Dubuque & Church
0543Mayflower Hall
0562Melrose Ave & Golfview Ave
0564Melrose Ave & Sunset St
0566Melrose Ave & Westgate St
0567Melrose Ave & Macbride Rd
0626IMU Madison & Jefferson
0660Hancher West
0661Rienow Hall
0662Slater Hall
0663Hancher Lot East
0664Mayflower Hall
0665SB Dubuque & Davenport
0699IMU Madison & Jefferson
0701IMU Madison & Jefferson
0704SB Dubuque & Church
0705SB Dubuque & Davenport
0742NB Dubuque & Davenport
0743NB Dubuque & Church
0744SB Dubuque & Church
0745SB Dubuque & Davenport
0746Melrose Ave & Finkbine Ln
0762Melrose Ave & Finkbine Ln
0767Arena West
0768Arena East
0769Arena on Hawkins
0770WCTC 1,3,5,7
0782VA Loop
0783Hardin Library
0786Art Building
0787Hancher East/Football Saturdays
0788Park Road South
0789Mayflower Hall
0790Church St North
0791Currier Hall
0793Clinton & Iowa
0794Schaeffer Hall/Downtown Interchange
0795Main Library
0796Rienow Hall
0797Rienow Hall
0798Slater Hall
0799Grand and Byington
0800Seamans Center
0802Macbride Hall
0803Burge Hall
0804Church St South
0805Mayflower Hall
0806Park Road North
0807Hancher West Football Saturdays
0808Riverside & River St
0809Art Building West
0810Student Health
0812VA Hospital
0813VA Loop
0814Newton Rd Ramp
0815Theatre Building
0832IMU Madison & Jefferson
0836IMU Madison & Jefferson
0844SB Dubuque & Church
0845SB Dubuque & Davenport
0856NB Dubuque & Davenport
0857NB Dubuque & Church
0858NB Dubuque & Davenport
0859NB Dubuque & Church
0860SB Dubuque & Church
0861SB Dubuque & Davenport
0862NB Dubuque & Davenport
0863NB Dubuque & Church
0864Macbride Hall
0867Park Road North
0869Hancher Lot East
0870Hancher/Park Rd
0871Park Road South
0874Clinton & Iowa
0875Schaeffer Hall/Downtown Interchange
0877NB Dubuque & Davenport
0878NB Dubuque & Church
0879SB Dubuque & Church
0880SB Dubuque & Davenport
0885Seamans Center East
0890Hawk Lot
0891Softball Complex on 1st Ave
0892Clinton & Market West
0893IMU Madison & Jefferson
0894Clinton & Market West
0895IMU Madison & Jefferson
0896Clinton & Market West
0897IMU Madison & Jefferson
0898Clinton & Market West
0899IMU Madison & Jefferson
0900Clinton & Market West
0901IMU Madison & Jefferson
0902Clinton & Market West
0903IMU Madison & Jefferson
09041st Ave/Russell Slade southbound
09051st Ave/Russell Slade southbound
0906Merlose Ave at Gerdin
0908Carver South
0909Finkbine Entrance
0910Carver South
0921VA Loop to Finkbine/Arena
0925Arena on Hawkins
0926Dental on Elliott
0927Finkbine Entrance
0930WCTC 2,4,6,8
0931Finkbine North
0932Finkbine South
0933WCTC 2,4,6,8
0934WCTC 2,4,6,8
0935Clinton & Market West
0936IMU Madison & Jefferson
0938Finkbine North
0939Finkbine South
0940Finkbine North
0943Hancher West
0944Macbride Hall
0945Burge Hall
0946Mayflower Hall
0947Hancher Lot East
0948Rienow Hall
0949Slater Hall
0950Grand and Byington
0951Hancher West
0952Rienow Hall
0953Slater Hall
0954Grand and Byington
0955Macbride Hall
0956Burge Hall
0957Mayflower Hall
0958Mayflower Hall
0959SB Dubuque & Church
0960SB Dubuque & Davenport
0962Clinton & Iowa
0963Schaeffer Hall/Downtown Interchange
0964Main Library
0965Rienow Hall
0966Slater Hall
0967Grand and Byington
0968Seamans Center
0970Macbride Hall
0971NB Dubuque & Davenport
0972NB Dubuque & Church
0973Church St North
0974Currier Hall
0975Burge Hall
0976Church St South
0977Hubbard Park
0978Art Building
0979Theatre Building
0980Riverside & River St
0981Art Building West
0985Dental on Elliott
0987Arena on Hawkins
0988Dental on Elliott
0989Arena on Hawkins
0990Dental on Elliott
0991Clinton & Market West
0992IMU Madison & Jefferson
0994Main Library
0995Burlington/Madison WB
0996Burlington/Madison WB
0997Burlington/Madison WB
0998Burlington/Madison WB
0999Hancher West


Number Name
40215th St & 3rd Ave
40301st Ave & 5th St
40311st Ave & 5th St
40406th St & 1st Ave - Scotch Pine
40416th St & 1st Ave
40506th St & 4th Ave
40516th St & 4th Ave - Scotsdale
40607th St & 4th Ave Place
40617th St & 4th Ave Place
40807th St & 7th Ave
40817th St & 7th Ave
40907th St & 10th Ave
40917th St & 10th Ave
41007th St & 12th Ave
41017th St & 12th Ave
411014th Ave & 8th St
411114th Ave & 8th St
412014th Ave & 9th St
412114th Ave & 9th St
413014th Ave & 10th St
413110th St & 14th Ave
416010th St & 20th Ave
416110th St & 20th Ave
418010th St & 22nd Ave
418110th St & 22nd Ave
418222nd Ave & 10th St
419010th St & 23rd Ave
419110th St & 23rd Ave
420010th St & North Boston Way
421010th St & 25th Ave
4220Coral Ridge Mall
423010th St & South Boston Way
426022nd Ave & 9th St
426122nd & 9th St
42709th St & 21st Ave Pl
42719th St & 21st Ave Pl
42809th St & 20th Ave
428120th Ave & 9th St
429020th Ave & 8th St
42918th St & 20th Ave
430020th Ave & 5th St
430120th Ave & 5th St
43215th St & 7th St - City Hall
43305th St & 12th Ave - West Music
43315th St & 12th Ave - Library
43605th St & 8th Ave
43615th St & 8th Ave
43705th St & 4th Ave
43715th St & 4th Ave
43805th St & 3rd Ave
4975Ponseti Way
50259th St & Ponseti Way
5061Commerce Dr & Commercial Park
5071Heartland Dr & Commercial Park
5080Corridor Way
5090Heartland Pl & Heartland Way
5101Holiday Rd & North Coral St - Hope House
520112th Ave & Holiday Rd
5203Holiday Rd & 12th Ave
521012th Ave & Ozark Ridge
521112th Ave & Ozark Ridge
522012th Ave & 10th St
522310th St & 12th Ave
52259th St & Ponseti Way
5800Front St & Vandello
5801Front & Vandello
5810Front St & Weston
5811Front St & Weston
5820Front St & Zeller
5821Front St & Zeller
5830Front St & Cherry St
5831Front St & Cherry St
5840North Liberty Rec Center
5850Golfview Dr & Heidi Ln
5851Golfview Dr & Rebecca St
5855Golfview Dr at the Holiday MH Park
5856Golfview Dr at the Holiday MH Park
5860Fairview Ln & Augusta Circle
5861Fairview Ln & Andrews Ct
5865Sugar Creek Ln & Augusta Circle
5866Sugar Creek Ln & Augusta Circle
5870Sugar Creek Ln & Praire Ridge Rd
5871Sugar Creek Ln & Praire Ridge Rd
5875Sugar Creek Ln & W Zeller St
5876W Zeller St & Sugar Creek Ln


Number Name
1000Dental College
1001Hardin Library
1002Hancher West
1003Hancher/Park Rd
1004Park Road South
1005Church St North
1006Currier Hall
1008Burge Hall
1009Church St South
1010Church St North
1011Church St South
1012Clinton & Market West
1013IMU Madison & Jefferson
1014IMU Madison & Jefferson
1016Macbride Hall
1017IMU Madison & Jefferson
1018Hubbard Park
1019N. Ridge Dr. & Farrel WB
1020N. Ridge Dr. & Waterford WB
1022Holiday Rd. & Palisades EB
1023Holiday & Liberty Ln. WB
1024Holiday Rd. & S. Ridge Dr. WB
1025Holiday Rd. & Waterford WB
1026Waterford & N. Ridge Dr. NB
1027N. Ridge Dr. & Waterford EB
1029Hygenic Lab West
1030Clinton & Iowa
1031Research Park Exit
1032N. Ridge Dr. & Farrel EB
1034Clinton & College
1039Voxman Music Building
1040Clinton & Prentiss
1050Main Library
1051Seamans Center
1064Madison St/Lot 11
1070Prentiss & Madison
1091Dubuque & Bloomington SB
1092Dubuque & Bloomington NB
1514Burlington St & Lucas St - Closed
1529Lakeside Dr @ Whispering Prairie Ave
1535Elliot St @ Carver Hawkeye Arena
1536Elliot St @ Carver Hawkeye Arena
1537Elliot St @ Carver Hawkeye Arena
1538Elliot St @ Carver Hawkeye Arena
1539Benton St @ Streb St
1545Temporary Stop - Rochester Ave @ Post
1546Temporary Stop - 7th Ave @ Rochester
1547Temporary Stop - Post @ Rochester Ave
1548Temporary Stop - Gilbert St @ Bowery St
1549Temporary Stop - Dubuque St @ Court St
1551Temporary Stop - Prentiss St @ Gilbert St
1552Temporary Stop - Dubuque St @ Court St
1556Downtown Interchange
1558Downtown Interchange
1559Downtown Interchange
1566Newton & Lincoln
1567Newton & Lincoln
1568Court St @ Dubuque St
1569Court St @ Dubuque St
1570Court St Transportation Center
1571Court St @ Dubuque St
1572Court St @ Dubuque St
1573Court St Transportation Center
1574Court St @ Dubuque St
1575Court St @ Dubuque St
1576Court St @ Dubuque St
1577Court St @ Dubuque St
1578Court St Transportation Center
1579Court St Transportation Center
1580Court St Transportation Center
1581Court St Transportation Center
1582Court St @ Dubuque St
1583Court St Transportation Center
1584Court St Transportation Center
1585Court St @ Dubuque St
1586Court St @ Dubuque St
1587Court St Transportation Center
1588Court St @ Dubuque St
1590Court St @ Dubuque St
1591Court St Transportation Center
2000WCTC 1,3,5,7
2017Arena on Hawkins
2020Arena East
2022Arena West
2025Finkbine Entrance
2030Finkbine North
2031Finkbine South
2040Dental on Elliott
2041Carver Hawkeye Arena
2070Family Care
2071Melrose Court
2080Rienow Hall
2081Slater Hall
2083LGBTQ & Cultural Resource Centers
2085Grand and Byington
2100Art Building West
2101Art Building
2105Riverside & River St
2106Theatre Building
2110Hancher/Park Rd
2114Hancher Lot East
2115Hancher West
2120Hancher/North Riverside
2121Levitt Center
3001East Lot
3002Old Hospital Road North
3003Old Hospital Road South
3010IREH East
3011IREH West
3014Hygenic Lab West
3015Hygenic Lab East
3016BioVenture West
3017BioVenture East
3028Stem West
3029STEM East
3035Oakdale Blvd & 12th Avenue
303612th Avenue & Oakdale Blvd
3072IRL West
3073IRL East
3089Holiday Rd. & S. Ridge Dr. WB
3090N. Ridge Dr. & Farrel WB
3091N. Ridge Dr. & Farrel EB
3092N. Ridge Dr. & Waterford WB
3093Waterford & N. Ridge Dr. NB
3094Waterford & Holiday Rd. SB
3095Holiday Rd. & Waterford WB
3096Holiday Rd. & Palisades EB
3097Holiday & Liberty Ln. WB
3099N. Ridge Dr. & Waterford EB
3104Hawkeye Park Road at Aspire
3110Hall of Fame North
3111Recreation Fields South
3125Hawk Lot
3140HTRC North
3151Sports Medicine Clinic North
3155Hall of Fame North
3160Melrose Ave & Emerald St

Iowa City

Number Name
7002Court St @ Dubuque St
7003Court St @ Dubuque St
7004Court St Transportation Center
7005Court St @ Gilbert St
7009Gilbert St @ Benton St
7010Gilbert St @ Benton St
7011Gilbert St @ Kirkwood Ave
7012Gilbert St @ Kirkwood Ave
7013Kirkwood Ave @ Gilbert St
7015Gilbert St & 3rd St
7016Highland Ave @ Gilbert St
7017Boyrum St @ Hy Vee
7018Boyrum St @ Hy Vee
7019Boyrum St @ Southgate Ave
7023Madison St. @ Jefferson St.
7024Gilbert St @ Stevens Dr
7025Gilbert St @ Hills Bank
7027Southgate @ Keokuk St
7033Sandusky Dr @ Broadway St
7034Crosspark Ave, 900 Block
7035Crosspark Ave @ Broadway St
7038Sandusky Dr & Taylor Dr
7039Taylor Dr @ Sandusky Dr
7040Iowa Ave - English Philosophy Building, IMU
7047Gilbert St @ 3rd St
7053Lakeside Dr @ Nevada Ave
7054Lakeside Dr @ Miami Dr
7060Burns Ave @ Taylor Dr
7069Dubuque St @ Davenport St
7070Highland Ave @ Gilbert Ct
7071Benton St @ Clinton St
7072Benton St @ Capitol St
7073Capitol St @ Benton St
7074Capitol St @ Prentiss St
7075Capitol St @ Prentis St
7077Court St @ Capitol St
7078Court St @ Madison St
7080UI Main Library
7081Communications Center
7091Dubuque St @ Market St
7093Dubuque St @ Church St
7102Lower Muscatine Ave @ Iowa City Maketplace
7104Bowery St @ Dodge St
7105Dodge St @ Bowery St
7108Kirkwood Ave @ Dodge St
7109Kirkwood Ave @ Dodge St
7110Kirkwood Ave @ Keokuk St
7111Kirkwood Ave @ Keokuk St
7114Kirkwood Ave @ Franklin St
7115Kirkwood Ave @ Franklin St
7117Lower Muscatine Ave @ Pine St
7120Kirkwood Community College From Downtown
7121Kirkwood Community College to Downtown
7123Jefferson St @ Van Buren St
7126Hwy 6 East @ Heinz Rd
7128Commerce Dr @ Liberty Dr
7131Scott Blvd @ Sytems Unlimited
7132Heinz Rd @ Scott Blvd
7134Eastdale Plaza
7151Muscatine Ave @ Rundell St
7200Washington St @ Linn St - IC Library, Senior Center
7201Washington St @ Gilbert St - Iowa City City Hall
7204Kenneth Dr @ Anna St
7206Market St @ Linn St
7207Clinton St @ Jefferson St
7209Kenneth Dr @ Gustav St
7211Court St @ Friendship St
7212Court St @ Westminster St
7213Court St @ Washington Park Rd
7214Earl May
7215Fairmeadows Blvd @ Hollywood Blvd
7216The Quarters Outbound
7217The Quarters Inbound
7218Lower Muscatine Rd @ Faimeadows Blvd
7219Lower Muscatine @ Mall Dr
7220North Dodge @ Hy-Vee
7221North Dodge St
7222Mormon Trek @ Rushmore Dr.
7223Mormon Trek Blvd @ Benton St.
7225Muscatine Ave @ 4th Ave
7226Muscatine Ave. @ 2nd Ave - Walgreens
7227Muscatine Ave @ 2nd Ave - Walgreens
7228Mormon Trek @ Cameron Way
7229Westgate St @ Melrose Ave
7230Riverside Dr @ Benton St.
7232Highway 1 West @ Hudson Ave.
7234Sunset St @ Highway 1 Trail
7236Court St @ 7th Ave
7237Court St @ 7th Ave
7238Sunset St @ Arbury Dr
7239Westgate St @ Benton St
7240Benton St @ Spencer Dr
7241Burlington St @ Johnson St
7243Bulington St @ Gilbert St - City Hall/Rec. Center
7244Burlington St @ Dubuque St
7247Burlington St @ Summit St
7248Burlington St @ Summit St
7249Burlington St @ Muscatine Ave
7250Court St @ Muscatine Ave
7252Muscatine Ave @ Court St
7253Muscatine Ave @ 7th Ave
7254Muscatine Ave @ 7th Ave
7256Muscatine Ave @ 5th Ave
7257Muscatine Ave @ Wade St
7258Muscatine Ave @ Hy Vee
7259William St @ Towncrest Medical Offices
7261Wayne Ave @ Arthur St
7262Wayne Ave @ Dover St
7263Wayne Ave @ Village Rd
7265Village Rd @ Village Green Blvd
7267Muscatine Ave @ Autumn Park Apartments
7268Muscatine Ave @ Dover St
7269Muscatine Ave @ Arthur St
7303Court St @ Morningside Dr
7304Court St @ Morningside Dr
7307Court St @ 4th Ave - City High School
7310Court St @ 1st Ave
7311Court St @1st Ave
7312Court St @ Upland Ave
7314Court St @ Terrace Rd
7316Court St @ Westminster St
7318Court St @ Friendship St
7327Court St @ Peterson St
7328Court St @ Court St Trail
7329Burlington St @ Lucas St
7330Court St @ Camden Rd
7335Bowery St @ Johnson St
7337Ashford Place @ Chadwick Place
7338Ashford Place @ York Place
7339York Place @ Brentwood Ln
7341Whispering Prairie @ Whispering Meadow Dr
7343Court St @ Court St Trail
7400Clinton St @ Jefferson St
7401Jefferson St @ Linn St
7405Clapp St @ Hotz Ave
7409Rochester Ave @ Mott St.
7412Rochester Ave @ 7th Ave
7424Rochester Ave @ Mount Vernon Dr
7425Mount Vernon Dr @ Rochester Ave
7426Rochester Ave @ Larch Ln
7428Gilbert St @ Stevens Dr
7434 Washington St @ Lemme Elementary
7435Washington St @ Westminster St
7436Washington St @ Green Mountain Dr
7437Washington St @ Mount Vernon Dr
7438Mount Vernon Dr @ Concord Circle
7439Mount Vernon Dr 300 Block
7440Market St @ Governor St
7441Market St @ Dodge St
7442North Dodge St @ Market St
7443University of Iowa Medical Center Downtown
7444Benton St @ Willow Creek Park
7445Sunset St @ Willow Creek Ct.
7447Gilbert St @ Southgate Ave
7448Gilbert St @ Napoleon Lane
7449S. Gilbert St @ McCollister Blvd
7450Dubuque St @ Fairchild St
7452McCollister Blvd @ S Gilbert St
7453Dubuque St @ Market St
7454Madison St @ IMU
7501Governor St @ Market St
7502Governor St @ Davenport St
7503Governor St @ Church St
7504Governor St @ Brown St
7506Governor St @ North Dodge St
7509North Dodge St @ Hy Vee
7510Iowa City Community School District Office
7511Iowa City Community School District Office
7512North Dodge St @ Scott Blvd
7517Lakeside Dr @ Hwy 6
7520North Dodge St @ Hy Vee #2
7523North Dodge St @ ACT Circle
7524North Dodge St @ Bristol Dr
7532900 North Dodge St
7533North Dodge St @ Brown St
7534North Dodge St @ Church-Horace Mann Elementary
7750Kirkwood Ave @ Gilbert St
8001Hydraulics Lab, Boyd Law School
8002Riverside Dr @ Myrtle Ave
8003Riverside Dr @ Myrtle Ave
8004Kirkwood Ave @ Summit St
8006Riverside Dr @ Benton St
8010Hwy 1 West @ Miller Ave
8011Hwy 1 @ Ruppert Rd
8012Ruppert Rd @ Hwy 1 West
8013Westport Plaza
8015Hwy 1 West @ Slagers
8023Cole's Community
8052Iowa River Trail @ S Gilbert St
8053South Gilbert St @ Cherry Ave
8054Southgate Ave @ Gilbert St
8056Rochester Ave @ Parsons Ave.
8058Rochester Avenue @ Amhurst Street
8059Scott Blvd. @ Middlebury Rd.
8060N Scott Blvd @ Lower West Branch Rd.
8061N. Scott Blvd @ E Washington St.
8062Burns Ave @ Sycamore St
8063Burns Ave @ Taylor Dr
8064Lakeside Dr @ Lombard St
8066Lakeside Dr @ Reagal Ln
8067Lakeside Dr @ Whispering Prairie Ave
8068Lakeside Drive @ Frontage Rd
8069Lakeside Dr @ Amber Ln
8070Wild Prairie Dr @ El Paso Dr
8071Washington St. @ Amhurst St.
8078Foster Rd @ Dubuque St
8079Foster Rd @ Laura Dr
8080Village Green Blvd @ Muscatine Ave
8081Horn Elementary
8082Forest View Trailer Park
8084Foster Rd @ Idyllwild Dr
8085Foster Rd @ Algonquin Rd
8086Foster Rd @ Algonquin Rd
8087Foster Rd 900 Block
8088Foster Rd @ Swisher St
8089Swisher St @ Foster Rd
8090Walker Circle @ Moses Bloom Ln
8100Grand Ave @ South Grand-UIHC Emergency Entrance
8101UI Family Care
8102UIHC Family Care
8103Melrose Ave @ South Grand Ave
8104Melrose Ave @ Hawkins Dr
8105Melrose Ave @ Golfview Ave
8106Melrose Ave @ Koser Ave
8109Sunset St @ Melrose Ave
8110Sunset St @ Melrose Ave
8111Sunset St @ Marietta Ave
8112Sunset St @ Marietta Ave
8113Sunset St @ Oakcrest St
8114Sunset St @ Oakcrest St
8115Oaknoll Retirement Center
8116Oakcrest St @ Oaknoll Dr
8118Oakcrest St @ Woodside Dr
8119815 Oakcrest St
8120Woodside Place @ Greenwood Dr
8121Greenwood Dr @ Benton St
8122Benton St @ Seville Apartments
8123Benton St @ Oaknoll Dr
8126Sunset St @ Arbury Dr
8128Sunset St @ Denbigh Dr
8150Melrose Ave @ Sunset St
8201Newton Rd @ Dental College
8203Hawkins Dr @ UI Main Hospital, Kinnick Stadium
8204Hawkins Dr @ UI Center for Disabilities, Dental College
8205Hawkins Dr @ Melrose Ave-UI Childrens Hospital
8207Ramp 2, Pappajohn & Pomerantz
8208Melrose Ave @ Sunset St
8209Melrose Ave @ Emerald St
8210Melrose Ave @ IC Fire Station #2
8211Melrose Ave @ Westgate St
8213Melrose Ave @ Macbride Rd
8215Court St @ 4th Ave
8216Melrose Ave @ Finkbine Ln
8218Market St @ Clinton St - Old Brick
8228Mormon Trek Blvd @ Cameron Way -Walden Plaza
8229Westwinds Dr @ Walden Plaza
8231Lakeside Dr. @ Sycamore St.
8232Hollywood Blvd. @ Fairmeadows Blvd.
8234Benton St @ Westgate St
8236Benton St @ Horn Elementary
8242Westwinds Dr @ Melrose Ave
8244Crosspark Ave @ Broadway St
8246Benton St @ Sunset St
8270Westside Dr @ Earl Rd
8271Westside Dr @ Jeffrey St
8273Westside Dr @ Mormon Trek Blvd
8275Mormon Trek Blvd @ Gryn Dr
8279Mormon Trek @ Plaen View
8281Mormon Trek @ Abbey
8282Oaknoll East
8286Bowery St @ Van Buren St
8305Sunset St @ Denbigh Dr
8306Dubuque St @ Park Rd
8330Mormon Trek @ Bartelt Rd
8331Mormon Trek Blvd @ Rohret Rd
8332Coll Dr @ Coll Court
8333Jensen St @ Jensen Court
8334Irving Ave @ Shannon Dr
8335Shannon Dr @ Rohret Rd
8336Rohret Rd @ Duck Creek Dr
8337Deerfield Dr @ Duck Creek Dr
8338Duck Creek Dr @ Partridge Court
8339Duck Creek Dr @ Wild Prairie Dr
8340Wild Prairie Dr @ Prairie Grass Ln
8342Dubuque St @ Park Rd
8343Jefferson St. @ Lucas St.
8344Westwinds Dr @ Roberts Rd.
8345Hawkins Dr @ Hospital Loop Dr
8346Rohret Rd @ Irving Weber School
8347Rohret Rd @ Hunters Run
8348Rohret Rd @ Duck Creek Dr
8349Rohret Rd @ Shannon Dr
8350Rohret Rd @ Ranier Dr
8352Rohret Rd @ Shannon Dr
8353Melrose Ave @ Finkbine Ln
8354Court St @ Peterson
8356McCollister Blvd @ Riverside Dr
9100Scott Blvd. @ N. Dubuque Rd.
9101Highlander Place Outbound
9103Highlander Place Inbound