13 South Gilbert


Federal FACE MASK Mandate: Federal law now requires face masks to be worn while waiting at the interchange and on the bus, with the nose and mouth covered.

No Buses Running



Loop - 13 South Gilbert

Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7080UI Main Library
7077Court St & Capitol St
7073Capitol St & Benton St
7013Kirkwood Ave & Gilbert St
7014Gilbert St & 3rd St
7025Gilbert St @ Hills Bank
7024Gilbert St & Stevens Dr
7447Gilbert St. & Southgate Ave.
7448Gilbert St. & Napoleon Lane
7449S. Gilbert St. & McCollister Blvd.
8023Cole's Community
8356McCollister Blvd. & Riverside Dr.
7452McCollister Blvd. & S. Gilbert St.
8052Iowa River Trail & South Gilbert
8053South Gilbert St. & Cherry Ave.
8054Southgate Ave. & Gilbert St.
7428Gilbert St. & Stevens Dr.
7750Kirkwood Ave & Gilbert St
7071Benton St & Clinton St
7072Benton St & Capitol St
7074Capitol St. & Prentiss St.
7078Court St & Madison St
1051Communications Center
0002Downtown Interchange