23 10th St


2/1/21 CVT Mask Order: For the safety of our passengers and drivers, Federal law requires wearing a face mask while boarding, disembarking, and traveling on public transit vehicles, this includes CVT, failure to comply constitutes a violation of Federal law.

No Buses Running



Outbound - 23 10th St Outbound

Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
0146Hubbard Park
0263UI Student Health
0257Newton Rd Ramp
0253VA Hospital
0245Newton & Lincoln
0241Carver Hawkeye Arena
03851st Ave & Highway 6
40301st Ave & 5th St
40406th St & 1st Ave - Scotch Pine
40506th St & 4th Ave
40607th St & 4th Ave Place
40807th St & 7th Ave
40907th St & 10th Ave
41007th St & 12th Ave
411014th Ave & 8th St
412014th Ave & 9th St
413014th Ave & 10th St
416010th St & 20th Ave
418010th St & 22nd Ave
419010th St & 23rd Ave
420010th St & North Boston Way
421010th St & 25th Ave
4220Coral Ridge Mall

Inbound - 23 10th St Inbound

Number Name
4220Coral Ridge Mall
423010th St & South Boston Way
419110th St & 23rd Ave
418110th St & 22nd Ave
416110th St & 20th Ave
413110th St & 14th Ave
412114th Ave & 9th St
411114th Ave & 8th St
41017th St & 12th Ave
40917th St & 10th Ave
40817th St & 7th Ave
40617th St & 4th Ave Place
40516th St & 4th Ave - Scotsdale
40416th St & 1st Ave
40311st Ave & 5th St
0100Softball Complex
0246Dental College
0245Hardin Library
0145English Philosophy Building
0120Macbride Hall
0001Downtown Interchange